Seminar “Current Topics in Sequence Analysis”

(regularly in the Winter semester)

This seminar provides an opportunity to deepen some of the material discussed in “Algorithms for Sequence Analysis”. Topics will be selected from the current and recent research literature (papers in English). Examples could be (but are not limited to)

  • suffix array construction algorithms,
  • practical range minimum query implementations,
  • practical rank and select implementations,
  • the wavelet matrix (as an alternative to the wavelet tree),
  • optimal pattern search with compressed texts/BWTs,
  • analysis of actual DNA read-mappers,
  • alignment-free methods and applications to metagenomics and human diseases,
  • hashing algorithms for k-mers,
  • variational BWT (vBWT) and applications,
  • and many more.

You can also suggest any research paper that you find interesting and would like to present, as long as the general topic is on biological sequence analysis algorithms.


  • You need to be familiar with the material of the course “Algorithms for Sequence Analysis”.
  • You will receive a research paper at the beginning of the semester.
  • You have several weeks to become familiar with the material, get consultation by the instructor, and prepare a written summary. The summary should focus on the methodological parts of the work, and less on the evaluation or results.
  • The summary will be reviewed and commented, and may need to be revised.
  • Once the summary is accepted, you present the research work in a talk of approximately 45 minutes, including questions and discussion. The presentations will be held as a block seminar.

Registration and More Information

  • Registration: SIC Seminar System.
  • Details: To attend this seminar, you have to register with the SIC seminar system. An optimization algorithm will match seminars with students. You cannot specifically pick this seminar and be guaranteed to get a spot. If you really want this seminar, give it a high priority and write a good motivation statement.

Further seminars or proseminars may be offered in the future. Topics of interest may be:

  • dimensionality reduction,
  • foundations of reproducible science.

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